SETTING THE SUN (keying and masks)

A few weeks ago I was out with my RED playing with the new time-lapse features that were released in a recent firmware build for both Epic and Scarlet cameras. It was a long (but awesome) day which ended at one of my favorite places on earth, "Half Moon Bay" not too far from Melbourne's CBD. The sun had set and the light was gone.....or was it? 9:15pm had rolled on and visibility was quickly fading. Shooting in this light with a DSLR or any camera that crushes the hell out of your footage with a lossy, deliverable codec, would have been pointless.  But I had an idea! You might remember my recent obsession with trying to create a believable moon composit....(here) almost there hehe ;) But, this gave me the idea....what if I could create the SUN! Using the same principals? Knowing the power I have with 16-bit RAW footage from the Scarlet, I quickly set up the tripod and grabbed a few shots.

Here's the result :)

I have always loved post production, even though I'd much rather be out there shooting. The thing is though, the more I learn about post, the more I think about and CREATE shots out in the field. It's very rewarding and extends the enjoyment of shooting all the way into the night. For a free, in-depth tutorial, visit the TUTORIAL section of my blog to the left. Enjoy!

Below is another shot from the same day...not as cool, but I tried splitting the scene so that the foreground water plays in real time, whilst the background clouds and sky play at ten times normal speed. What do you think? Never stop experimenting! It's the best way to learn and explore this wonderful craft.

Posted on February 3, 2013 .