SAMYANG CINE - LOW LIGHT (emulating moonlight & key light with a match)

I recently purchased the very affordable "cine" lenses made by Samyang/Bower/Rokinon. I had read all the reviews I could find on-line, and nearly all of them said that these lenses weren't really useable wide-open. Please define "useable" hehe ;) Below are two videos that show what I did with them (the 16, 35 and 85) all wide open. They are amazing lenses, and very useable wide-open.

Both of the frames you see above I lit as per the lighting diagram below. I wanted to emulate moonlight and see if I could use a match as my only key-light source. Both videos are graded very differently. One, over-the-top saturated and the other quite the opposite :) The Hallway shots were lit virtually the same, one light outside the doorway, one inside adding a tiny glow to the hallway.

For more lighting setups, check out the LIGHTING section at the top of this page :)

Posted on November 19, 2013 .