LARGE SOURCE TUNGSTEN LUXURY (plus a rad set build)

I write in more detail about my experiences on this film HERE if you're interested :) As for the lighting plan, the one immediately below shows what I was planning before I had seen the set...and then the detailed one below that is actually how I lit it.  Most of the shots for this scene were lit using this setup, with a few bounce cards and tweaks here and there.

This was my first time using such large sources, but I really enjoyed the control I had with them, and the ability NOT to shoot wide open at lower than usual ISO's (I normally shoot 800ISO on my RED, but shot this film at 320ISO because I could control my highlights easier). Also, a huge shout out to my dad for finally joining me on set and building an EPIC set....he's a gun! Let me know if you need a set built and I'll put you in touch with him :)

Above is a couple of shots of the ghetto soft box I had to make. Three layers of diff and some black cine-foil...the light wasn't as wrapping as I wanted (as large), but it did the job. 

For more lighting diagrams, please be sure to click on the LIGHTING section above! Thanks for visiting :)

Posted on October 23, 2015 .