MATCH LIGHT VERSION 2 (using a match as a key light)

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Earlier this year I was invited to Alsayegh Media in Dubai to share my knowledge with the crew about lighting, lensing and post production techniques. Marlo Espolong is heading the video department there and has a wonderful team of enthusiastic and talented people around him. On day three we covered lighting techniques for interviews, out door lighting and how to work with different lighting types (HMI's, Tungsten Fresnels, LED's, etc). The shot above shows what we came up with for the "Low Key" lighting class. One of the most important aspects of any lighting, is contrast. How bright are some areas compared to others? And let's not forget about colour contrast too, which is also very important. Here you can see a good example of both brightness contrast (light and shadow) and complimentary colour contrast (red and blue).

A big thanks to Amir (Miro Sedra) for modeling for us, he's not only a talented editor and producer, but was great subject matter too :) Check out the lighting diagram below to see how we lit this shot.

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Posted on May 15, 2014 .