LOW LIGHT IGNITE! (samyang lens test)

I recently purchased the 16mm, 24mm, 35mm and the 85mm Samyang Cine lenses for my RED Scarlet-X. As much as I love my Nikkors (and always will), I knew what an advantage that extra stop of light was, especially when shooting extremely dark scenes like the shots above and below.

*Sorry guys, I shouldn't have started this post without finishing it. In short, the Samyangs are excellent value for money and have already opened up creative doors for me. Don't be too skeptical about bad reviews on line...even the 24 is good (better than my Nikkor 24 which is great). If you need a sharp lens that doesn't have any issues wide open, then go spend $15k per lens and be happy. If you want a fast set of primes that are sharp as hell at T2.8, and very, very useable wide open (see images and clips above), then you can't go wrong with these babies! I purchased them from FATJUMP on ebay. Fast postage, great price, it was a risk but it paid off.

Now get out there and shoot something!!! 

BTW, if you're interested in how I lit this, here's a DIAGRAM.

Posted on November 11, 2013 .