Here's a simple lighting setup I put to great effect using 2 x 2K blondies and a reflector. These lights can be hired for about $40/day. I probably could have done this with only one of the lights, but what the hell, I had two of them so I put them to use (notice the little pocket of light hitting the drink bottle). Looking back now, I should have shifter the reflector to fill her face a little more, but, with a strong grade, it didn't matter too much in the end.  (here is a higher res/less compressed version to pick on)

Camera: RED Scarlet-X  |  Lens: Nikkor AiS 35mm f2.8 @ f3.5 |  ISO 320, WB 5500Kelvin (no tint), Shutter 1/50th  |  Graded in DaVinci Resolve Lite

Ungraded, REDLog

Here's a BTS of the setup. I would have liked NOT to include the power outlet on the top right, but time was pressure and we just left it as is. I personally hate it!

Thanks to prefacefilms for the opportunity and for letting me use these grabs :) Also, a big thanks to Kylie Lyons (athlete) for being a joy to work with.

For more lighting setups, check out the LIGHTING section at the top of this page :)

Posted on March 17, 2013 .