"Do what you love and love what you do" is one of those annoying quotes that sounds so damn easy, but we all know it's not, right? Well for about 15 years I've been struggling to do just that and finally things are working the way they should :)

I love cinematography. Trying to communicate what I can't with words using moving images instead is where the real love lies for me, but working with a team of people, collaborating to communicate a collective message is even more rewarding (working with a film crew).  A huge part of being a cinematographer isn't just artsy-fartsy stuff either...there's a massive technical requirement that I also love. Understanding the camera and the "film stock" you're exposing is equally important. 

So in my opinion, to be a great cinematographer means not only training your "eye", but also understanding and exploring the world of Post Production and that's where my second love comes into play.   

FINALLY! It's been a long time coming...[MTS]Films is expanding to offer post production services in the area of Colour Correction, Mastering and Private Tuition. 

The site will be expanding and evolving as the industry does, but for now it's working pretty well (and fully mobile friendly). I invite you to take a look!

Click HERE to visit the new site :)