'GRADE MY SH.T' is here :)

Tune in to my monthly youtube vid where I 'grade your shit'...and of course, when I use the word "shit" I'm certainly not referring to any quality of work, just speaking in my usual language. Everyone knows how to use Resolve these days, but HOW do we all use it? What are my thought process's and techniques when I look at grading a film? Over 30 - 45 (or more) mins, [MTS]Tutorial style, you'll see exactly that.

My goal is to start a new generation of 'tutorials' on the net...insightful, personable, unrehearsed recordings that will give you a glimpse into the struggles and success's of a modern day colourist.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Fill in the form below to apply for your shit to be featured :)

P.S. Don't worry about what camera you shot your footage with! I'll consider all applications. 


EPISODE 2 (coming end of September)


I also offer professional colour grading services. I've been studying colour and what makes an image look good (subjective of course) for over 15 years. I'm now lucky enough to have an awesome home studio which allows me to remotely grade and colour films from all around the world. This includes commercials, documentaries, short films and feature films. Contact me for a quote if you're looking for a passionate, mad colourist who probably cares more about how your film looks than you do! 

My grading services include Skype sessions, frequent updates, project management and delivery options. 

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'Grade My Sh.t' applicants: Even if your film is cut and graded already, please provide a link to it so that I can take a look - you can leave a password for it in the last section if it's private.
Struggling with your grade? Or just looking for a professional colorist? Let me know where you're at and what you're looking to achieve.