18 MONTHS IN (since I chose RED)

Instead of buying a car, new clothes and a finding a nice place to live, I put all of my money and hard work into purchasing a camera and focusing on what I really wanted from a career. I'll never forget the day I got my confirmation from www.RED.com that my RED Scarlet-X was coming in the mail. Before my new camera arrived (3 months later!!!!) I got batteries, a charger and an LCD screen. That package alone was enough to inspire me to try out a product shoot hehe ;)

I'm not usually one to reflect, but since I reset my life back in 2008, my story went from "I want to become a full time cinematographer" (among other VERY important things, AKA, finding and falling in love with Laura McCann), to "I am a cinematographer, I get paid to be one AND I work with amazingly talented people all of the time". It's pretty awesome to live this life and I don't say that to bloat....I'm just sharing my thoughts today as I look into the future and celebrate the rewards that hard work, dedication and trust have delivered.

Will I upgrade to a Dragon sensor? Hell no! I've not yet mastered what the MX sensor can capture, and until I do, I'll be sticking with it. Lenses on the other hand....hmmmmm. 


BTW, that last shot has no post effects...all done in camera!  

Posted on September 30, 2013 .