NINJA LIFE! (Shooting my 4th Australian Feature Film)

A few months ago I got the awesome news that I'd be shooting one of Australia's first action packed feature films, "NINJA: IMMOVEABLE HEART" , written and directed by Rob Baard. I had grown up wanting to be a ninja, and honestly to this day I still move around the house, opening doors and draws as quickly and as quietly as I can. The film was to be shot entirely in Geelong (just out side of Melbourne) with over 30 odd days to do so. We are 20 days in and it's safe to say that this epic ninja adventure has been one of the best experiences of my life :) My love for cinematography extends far beyond the camera and lens.....for me it's all about the collaboration, the people, the problem solving and experiences I have on set. I love it!

Below are some of my favorite frame grabs from the film. When things quieten down a bit I'll be writing more about the gear I used and some technical problems I've faced. Thanks for visiting :)

Posted on July 5, 2013 .